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How do you decide who to vote for?

Why are campaigns so expensive?

-The candidate is considered more credible when information is mailed via USPS to them.


Turned out 67,386 voters - 24% of Milwaukee's 288,833 registered voters.


Tuesday, April 7th

175,000 City voters are anticipated to vote.

How Much Does a Mailing Cost?

Do you believe everything you read on social media or the internet? 

Neither do voters.

How many households can you help us reach by mail?

100 households @ $65

300 households @ $200
500 households @ $325
1000 households @ $650 

NOW is When Your Support is Needed!

Please help me by showing your support so that I can reach Milwaukee’s most active Primary and General Election voters who will appreciate my experience, qualifications, and track record of accurate and transparent accounting and auditing practices.

Grateful for your generosity!

Aycha Sawa, CPA, CIA
City of Milwaukee Deputy Comptroller
Candidate, City of Milwaukee Comptroller

300 households @ $200
100 households @ $65
500 households @ $325