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The City’s Chief Financial Officer is called the Comptroller and serves a 4-year term.

Deputy Comptroller Aycha Sawa has YOUR back!


Aycha is a rare, municipal finance expert. She has over a decade of experience accurately managing, analyzing and reporting the City’s fiscal activities with complete transparency. She has served as Deputy Comptroller for 3 years and has worked in progressively responsible roles in the comptroller’s office since 2010.

Aycha’s City career began as an auditor in 2010. In less than a year she was promoted to Lead Auditor, and then to Audit Manager in early 2012. As a manager, she conducted an in-depth audit risk assessment in order to gauge a multi-year audit plan that covered high and medium risk areas of the city. The division also underwent comprehensive policies and procedures improvements, bringing the department to be Yellowbook compliant.

Most recently, prior to becoming Deputy Comptroller, she served as the City’s Accounting Director, assuring the accuracy of the City’s financial statements, and implementing annually new Governmental Accounting Standards Board pronouncements.

In January of 2017, she was appointed Deputy Comptroller where she is responsible for eight (8) divisions within the Comptroller’s office and administrating all HR related activities.


Aycha Sawa, CPA has a proven track record and valuable experience. We invite you to join us in supporting and voting for Aycha Sawa. We can count on Aycha!

You Can Trust Aycha’s

Experience and Integrity

Aycha Sawa Resume

Current Deputy Comptroller

Deputy Comptroller of Milwaukee for past 3 years

Professional CPA Standards

Certified Public Accountant (CPA) – April 2010, #22749-001

  • A high level of technical competence with the ability to analyze and evaluate complex business and financial problems.

  • The maturity to make decisions in an inter-dynamic and multi-stakeholder environment.

  • Proven integrity and the interpersonal and communication skills to deliver difficult news.

  • Completed 150 semester hours of education.

  • An objective, professional mindset free from undue influence (independent).

  • Demonstrates quality and continuous improvement.

  • An insightful, proactive, and future-focused philosophy.

  • A sense of commitment to service.

  • For more information, please visit the American Institute of CPAs website.

Core Principles of a Certified Internal Auditor

Certified Internal Auditor – June 2015, #138642

  • Demonstrates integrity.

  • Demonstrates competence and due professional care.

  • It is objective and free from undue influence (independent).

  • Aligns with the strategies, objectives, and risks of the organization.

  • It is appropriately positioned and adequately resourced.

  • Demonstrates quality and continuous improvement.

  • Communicates effectively.

  • It provides risk-based assurance.

  • It is insightful, proactive, and future-focused.

  • For more information, please visit the North American Chapter of the Institute of Internal Auditors website.

Operational, Legal and Financial Audits of All-City Departments
  • TAXPAYERS deserve, and Federal and State government entities require independent compliance audits.

  • Certified Internal Auditor standards are required.

TIFs (Tax Incremental Financing Districts)
  • Increasing returns and reducing risks through independent financial analyses of proposed projects deliver higher returns on City development investments while lowering risks.

Board of Directors Appointments
  • MKE Economic Development Corp.

  • Employees Retirement System

  • Wisconsin Center District

  • Charter School Review, and more.


APRIL 7th, 2020


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