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Aycha Sawa took office on April 7, 2020, marking a historic moment as the first woman elected to the position of Comptroller, she brought a wealth of experience and dedication to her role. Prior to her current position, she served as Deputy Comptroller for three years, making significant contributions to the city. Her journey in the Comptroller's office began in July 2010 when she joined as an auditor. Through her unwavering commitment and outstanding performance, she ascended through the ranks, holding positions such as Audit Manager and Accounting Director before being sworn in as Deputy Comptroller in 2017.

Before joining the city, Aycha Sawa garnered valuable experience at Baker Tilly, where she audited various governments, and as an auditor for the State of Wisconsin Department of Transportation. Within her entire career, since graduating, she has worked in government accounting and auditing. With a remarkable 14 years of experience in government auditing, accounting, and management at the time of her election, Aycha brings a comprehensive skill set to her role as Comptroller.

A Certified Public Accountant and Certified Internal Auditor, she is dedicated to upholding the highest professional standards. She leads the Comptroller's office with a commitment to ethics that transcends political influences, prioritizing integrity, independence, and accuracy in financial matters. Aycha's leadership is focused on putting the residents of the City of Milwaukee first.

Aycha holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Accounting from the University of Wisconsin Madison, earned in 2006. Her journey to becoming a Certified Public Accountant involved 150 college credits and four exams, culminating in her CPA accreditation in 2010. Additionally, after successfully completing three more exams, she obtained her auditing certification (CIA) in 2015.

Highlights of her career include her role as the City's chief financial officer, serving a four-year term empowered by State statute and City charter to administer the City's financial affairs. Her office exercises fiscal control over approximately 40 City departments and agencies. Aycha actively contributes to various boards and commissions, serving on the Board of Directors for the Wisconsin Center District, the City's Deferred Compensation Board, and acting as the Secretary to the Public Debt Commission. Additionally, she is a member of the Annuity and Pension Board.

As Comptroller, Aycha Sawa is poised to continue making meaningful contributions to the financial well-being of the City, ensuring transparency, efficiency, and fiscal responsibility in all endeavors. Her vision extends beyond her impressive history to the positive impact she aims to achieve in her role, fostering a thriving and financially sound community for the residents of Milwaukee.

When asked about her aspirations for Milwaukee, Aycha emphasized her commitment to maintaining the independence of the Comptroller's office. She aims to ensure rigorous fiscal monitoring and oversight, contributing to the city's seamless operation and improvement. Additionally, she has an innovative vision to increase visibility to the community, offering insights into the comptroller's office and financial information through community outreach initiatives.


Aycha SAWA

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Certified Public Accountant



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