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Statement from Comptroller Aycha Sawa in Support of City Sales Tax

The City of Milwaukee is facing incredibly difficult fiscal challenges in the upcoming year and beyond. The 2023 Wisconsin Act 12, which was recently passed in the State Legislature and signed by Governor Evers, has many controversial provisions attached to it. However, allowing the City of Milwaukee to implement a 2% city sales tax appears to be the only viable solution for the City to continue providing essential services to our residents and community. The 2% sales tax in the City is paid by anyone doing business here and enjoying our City’s amenities such as the arts, festivals, sports, restaurants, and much more. This is a unique one-time opportunity to stabilize the City’s financial future. As such, I am in support of the 2% City sales tax in the City of Milwaukee.

NOTE: This press release was submitted to Urban Milwaukee and was not written by an Urban Milwaukee writer. It has not been verified for its accuracy or completeness.

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