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The Truth
About Milwaukee's Lead Audits

The Comptroller and the Deputy Comptroller cannot block or assign any audit done by the internal audit division. In 2013, an audit charter was adopted to create independence in the audit division. The audit manager independently controls the audit schedule. The key exception is that the common council can add to that schedule.

The criminal investigation refers to the investigation of the health department due to mismanagement and cover up, it has nothing to do with the comptroller's office.

The independence of the audit division concern was back in 2013 which was resolved with the adoption of an audit charter.  The issue was with the perception of independence, not independence in fact.  The common council took up the issue and was comfortable with the current structure and proposed changes.

There are four references referred to in the ad under check the facts.  The first one is Aycha's qualifications.  The second one refers to a radio spot about the risks of lead to children.  The third one refers to the debacle in the health department.  The fourth one refers to a 2013 peer audit of the internal audit department.  None of these references indicate that Aycha blocked any audit.

The phone number provided by the ad is incorrect.  The phone number used to be Deputy Comptroller John Egan who has since retired.  The phone number is now unassigned and just continues to ring without end.

Leaders for a Better Community asks you to go to their website to find more information about their plan for transparency and accountability, however, there is no plan on their website.

  1. The audit independence concern was resolved in 2014 by the passage of charter ordinance 3-16.5 (File #140242)  

  2. It passed Finance committee without any nays (item 10)

  3. It passed common council without any nays (item 36)

  4. The Audit Charter explains that the audit manager (who was not Aycha in the last three years) is responsible for the audit plan.  There is a section about accountability and independence in this charter.

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