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Who would YOU trust with


of YOUR tax dollars?


The City’s Chief Financial Officer is called the Comptroller and serves a 4-year term.
  • It is the Comptroller’s DUTY by City-charter to authenticate and administer Milwaukee’s budget per the direction of the Mayor and Common Council.

  • The Comptroller must provide an independent, professional analysis of City revenues for the annual budget, and be

  • Accountable for $90 Million (2018) in Federal and State Grants.

There are eight (8) divisions in the Comptroller’s Office:
  1. Payroll – runs the city’s payroll, ensures accuracy of payments.

  2. Revenue & Cost – reviews, tracks, and audits all city grant programs. Coordinates the Single Audit which provides stability for future grant applications.

  3. General Accounting – maintains an accurate general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, internal city billings and accounting. Produces the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report and is the lead for the city’s financial audit.

  4. Financial Services – conducts special projects, does tax incremental financing reviews establishes rates for fringe benefits and verifies sewer user charges. Reviews and verifies city revenues.

  5. Internal Audit – conducts city-wide audits on operations and finances. Reports directly to the Council, administratively to the Comptroller.

  6. Public Debt – administers the public debt programs for the City of Milwaukee

  7. Information Systems – supports and maintains from a programmatic side the city’s accounting and human resource systems.

  8. Administration – coordinates the above and represents the Comptroller when necessary for public meetings, boards and commissions.

State Shared Revenue
  • Accurate reporting filed correctly of Milwaukee’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) and WI’s Report (Form B) directly impact Milwaukee lobbying to receive our fair share of WI State Shared Revenue.

Operational, Legal and Financial Audits of All-City Departments
  • TAXPAYERS deserve, and Federal and State government entities require independent compliance audits.

  • Certified Internal Auditor standards are required.

TIFs (Tax Incremental Financing Districts)
  • Increasing returns and reducing risks through independent financial analyses of proposed projects deliver higher returns on City development investments while lowering risks.

Board of Directors Appointments
  • MKE Economic Development Corp.

  • Employees Retirement System

  • Wisconsin Center District

  • Charter School Review, and more.


APRIL 7th, 2020

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