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Help Nominate Aycha Sawa - Comptroller!

Friends & Family, here's what's up!


To get on the ballot to be Milwaukee's next Comptroller we MUST gather almost 2,000 nomination signatures by the end of December. If YOU live in Milwaukee OR you know people in Milwaukee, please ask them to sign and/or circulate papers for me please!

* BTW - don't number the pages! We will when we turn them in.

* The ORIGINAL document must be submitted (You cannot scan and email back to me).

Click here to print your own nomination papers and instructions.

Aycha Sawa for Comptroller

3418 N. Frederick Ave.

Milwaukee, WI 53211


Looking forward to January...Why are campaigns so expensive?!?!

HOW DO YOU DECIDE WHO TO VOTE FOR? Really... please email me! I'd like to know!

Many voters only react to information mailed to them - to contemplate and refer to later. These are not voters who are tied into Facebook, etc. So, we need to mail them.

75,000 voters (about 50,000 households) for the PRIMARY, February 18th @ 0.65 cents each. So, to mail at least once is $30,000!!!

Question: Does 1 piece of mail persuade you? I have been the DEPUTY Comptroller for 3 years - behind the scenes providing needed leadership - MOST qualified to protect our City - yet no one knows my name!

DONATE PLEASE TODAY! This is not just about me, Aycha. NOW is when Milwaukee needs your financial support. Can you help me deliver the message of sane, accurate, transparent accounting to Milwaukee?

To 500 households @ $325 To 1000 households @ $650

To 2000 households @ $1300

Grateful for your support,



Tuesday, APRIL 7th


PO Box: 1026 Milwaukee, WI 53201

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